For the 2016-17 Season

2016-17 Registration

Please read the important instructions below.

-All students wishing to participate (past, current or new) MUST REGISTER AND PAY by Saturday November 26, 2016

-Registration fee for this season is $300

-Make checks payable to "Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School"

-Mention your student number on the cheque

-Also mention "Robotics 2016-17"

Instructions for filling the online registration form

-You must provide your Name, Student Number, Email Address and at least one Parent’s / Guardian’s Name, Email Address and Phone number

-Ensure that you provide the correct details, as this is the information we will use to communicate with you.

-Once the form is submitted online, you and your parents/guardians will receive an email

-In case you have not received the email, please check your spam folder as the email may have been inadvertently detected as unwanted

-This email will contain a link which each of you have to click in order to complete your registration process

-Clicking on the email would confirm that the contact details you provided are correct

-If any of the information is incorrect, please let us know so that we can update it

-Providing your correct address is important

-Since there is a lot of information you need to provide, it is recommended that you use a desktop or a laptop to fill out the online form

-Manually filled forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Register Now!