For the 2022-23 Season

2022-23 Registration

Please read the important instructions below.

- All students wishing to participate (past, current or new) MUST REGISTER AND PAY by the due date that would be determined and informed to you.

- Registration fee for this season is $449

- The preferred method to pay registration fees is by e-transfer. It is simple and safe to use. Please e-transfer the fees to - Should the e-transfer option not be available for you, kindly make checks payable to "FRC Team 1325 Inverse Paradox"

Instructions for filling out the application form:

- Visit our online registration page by clicking here. (Opens in a new tab or window)

- The registration consists of 3 parts:

- Student Details

- Student's Health Information Details

- Parent Information

- Once all information is entered and submitted successfully, a PDF document would be downloaded. This PDF document would contain all the information that you provided. Go through the forms. The document would consist of 5 pages as follows:

- FRC Membership Application Information - 2022/23 Season

- FRC Team 1325 Member's Health Information Form 2022/23

- Student Participation Consent, Liability Waiver & Photography Waiver Form 2022/23 Season (3 pages)

Ensure that all the information you provided is correct and complete. Read the information on the form and provide your consent by signing on each of the five pages.

Submit the signed forms along with the Registration Fee to Only completed and signed documents would be accepted.

Register NOW!