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Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary Schools hosts both Team 1325 Inverse Paradox and the regional International Business Technology Program, a program structured to both enhance learning through the use of technology and place strong emphasis on having solid business skills. Historically, our team has been strong in the business aspect of FIRST and has started to utilize our business resources within the IBT program.

the Subteams


• Work with Design sub-team to create prototypes and refine the ultimate design
• Assemble and test all parts when they arrive from manufacturing.
• Create two identical robots within allotted timeframe of 6 weeks

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• Write and test the code for competition and practice robot
• Program in Java and C++

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• Make sure power and code reach all sub-systems
• Create layout of electronics to make it functional and easy to refine as needed during the competition season
• Troubleshoot issues at competition

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• Create promotional materials that follow the team’s branding guidelines
• Market the team and FIRST through community outreach and involvement
• Secure finances through fundraising and presentations to the sponsors
• Monitor team presence online on Facebook, Twitter, and team website
• Manage award submissions

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