Junior Executive Program

After the 2013 season, in which there were no grade 12 students on the team, we decided to create a method of ensuring the transfer of knowledge. We implemented the Junior Executive System, whereby younger students can gain leadership skills while still having the guidance of an older member.

  • Through this system, each executive member picked one to two younger students who had at least a year of experience on the team.
  • These students were picked based on their enthusiasm, efforts, and commitment to learning.
  • The students were named Junior Executives, and were given additional responsibilities.
  • They were heavily involved in training new students, organizing the team, and solving problems.
  • Junior Executive System

    Members Junior Exec Full Exec Alumni Mentor

    Bots on the Run Foundation

    Through our Bots on the Run Foundation, we have organized programs both locally and globally that inspire youth through hands-on STEAM education. Each of the programs are tailored to a unique group of students, which ensures our outreach extends to a diverse audience.



    Pencils of Promise

    Through our Pencils of Promise initiative, we donated 1,000 kits containing: 10,000 pencils, 1000 erasers, & 1000 sharpeners to the most impoverished school we visited. We held hands on STEAM workshops using these school supplies, such as building pencil catapults. The projects are then disassembled and the school supplies are used in the daily education of these children.

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